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Medina County Junior Livestock Show



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Covid-19 Rules

Rules for participation concerning Covid-19 safety are posted below.


Covid-19 rules & pen assignment

  • Masks are required at all times in barn, fair hall and wash racks.

  • Social distancing required.

  • Wristbands for exhibitor and 2 adults will be provided.  Different wristbands for each day.  No wristband means no entry.

  • Pens/stalls will be assigned by show superintendent. 

  • Judges will not shake hands with exhibitors.

  • Hand sanitation stations will be available.

  • Zip tied pens are dead pens.  They may NOT be used for any purpose and will separate households.  Failure to comply will result in immediate removal from the grounds.

  • Covid waivers will be required each day from exhibitors and companions.

  • Animals will be released immediately after showing. 


About Medina County Junior Live stock show

The Medina County Junior Livestock Show is a non-profit organization held for for the convenience, education, and benefit of the boys and girls engaged in FFA Chapters and 4-H Club agricultural and livestock projects.



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